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A New Forest Rises in Downtown!?!

Courtesy of Mitchell McGovern


There has been lots of activity lately at Sand Beach park where the Pfluger Bridge extension has recently been completed. Over 100 mature trees have been planted in the past week including 22 Bald Cypress, 18 Crepe Mertle, 35 Oaks and various over species. Some of the trees are almost 20 ft tall and are sure to create nice shady areas of our new park downtown. Once the new landscaping is completed in the next month or so there will be an official grand opening of the new park and pedestrian bridge.
There is still work that needs to be done to link the new park to western downtown including a pedestrian tunnel under the rail road tracks at 3rd and Bowie street. The big challenge of course is finding the money to complete the tunnel. It may require it to be added to a new Bond election and that is sure to delay the project for some time….Sigh  Read the following article from the Statesman for more information:  http://www.statesman.com/news/local/pfluger-bridge-extension-opens-friday-1228726.html