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DANA Supports Sound Permit Changes

by Josh Allen and Jamie Lagarde

On Thursday, February 10, Austin City Council passed a series of noise related code changes that were principally focused around Multi-day Special Event Permits.  DANA supported these revisions because, even more important to downtown residents, there were also broader code changes that impact all sound permits such as measuring sound at the source instead of the property line, requiring permit signs posted at all outdoor music venues, reducing the appeal time frame, and defining the factors used by the Music Department in granting new Outdoor Music Venue (OMV) permits.  Council also took the opportunity to reorganize the code which should reduce confusion in the community.  Issues related to noise downtown has become an increasingly larger issue for downtown residents, and DANA has been working with APD, City Council and staff on proposed changes.

The code revisions passed on February 10 are a first step at solving some critical noise related issues downtown.  City Council Members have heard DANA's concerns, and realize this is only a first step.  DANA supported the revision and reiterated residents concerns when address the second phase of the sound ordinance revision. For more details on DANA's position letter, click here.
The City's Music Department and City Council are working on further revisions to the sound ordinance that address the most critical issues such as cut off times, and overall noise ordinance enforcement.    DANA will continue to take a leadership role in making sure that the changes create a balance downtown where great downtown establishments thrive but residents can also sleep at night.  We are excited about the Council's changes so far but the most critical work is ahead of us.
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