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IH-35 “Cut and Cap” Proposal Could Radically Change Downtown

cutandcapDANA’s Placemaking Committee recently reviewed Sinclair Black’s proposal to submerge IH-35 below grade and “cap” it with a four lane, landscaped, pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly boulevard. This plan would recapture approximately 30 acres of land above the interstate to productive, tax-producing use. By rearranging the horizontal and vertical space now taken up by the highway, this project would not only create more capacity for vehicles on IH-35, but also weave together the vibrancy of downtown with the rich culture of East Austin. DANA’s Placemaking Committee has reviewed the plan and strongly recommends support of this proposal. (Read more at Community Impact News – IH35 Cut and Cap Plan Proposed and KVUE: Plan-to-sink-I-35-underground-in-Downtown-Austin.)

What are your ideas for I-35? The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the City of Austin are seeking input through the I-35 Capital Area Improvement Program. Participate in the virtual open house here. Be sure to check out the proposed options for the 8th Street to Holly section of IH35, and encourage consideration of the cut-and-cap plan!