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What's Your Favorite Thing About Downtown?

by Kristina Witt

The May Urban Core Happy Hour at Violet Crown gave us the opportunity to offer the ultimate scientific survey: what is your favorite thing about downtown (that we managed to jot down in Kristina’s phone)?  The top result came in various forms, but its theme was indisputable: walkability.  We love being able to forget about traffic, live where we socialize, and get outside to walk around in our community.

Of course, we did get a variety of other answers. Here is a taste.

• “Living here!”  Okay, this was another incredibly popular answer. But further probing tended to roll it into walkability.  Did we mention how thoroughly scientific this survey was?

• “Drinking.” Well, we can only assume this was in reference to our Urban Core Happy Hours, so to you, kind sir, we say: thank you.

• “Walking around with my dog.”

• “My fat kitties.”

• “My boyfriend.”

• “The dance clubs.”

• One gentleman offered the following coy answer: “It has a point now.”  Could this have been in reference to the diversity of uses that have been introduced into the downtown core in the last decade? The increased widespread appreciation for sustainable density?  Green transit options?  After much further probing, we discovered what he meant: “the Austonian.” Ah, a quite literal point-in the skyline.

• “The fabulous system of parks.” In all honesty, there was definitely another clause appended to this quote that operated something like a call to action, but it was late in the happy hour, and we were pretty happy by that time, so in the interest of Ultimate Accuracy it has been redacted.  Not to worry, check out the Sports & Recreation page at downtownaustin.com to find out more about parks initiatives.